Who We Are

The Fairview Heights Church of Christ is a group of believers who are seeking each day to glorify God by the way we live.  We believe that there is one God who created this world and that through Jesus he unites his believers together in the church in order to encourage each other

In the Bible, we discover who Jesus is and how he wants us to live.  We seek to show his compassion for others by serving people in a variety of ways to meet the needs of people.    We also believe that the story of God sending his son Jesus to die for us and raising him from the dead is the greatest and most influential event in the history of the world and each of our lives.   Just like Christians throughout history, we seek to share the message of Jesus – a message of hope and salvation – with those who are interested in knowing more. 

We are people who struggle with sin, face struggles and trials in life and experience joys.  We recognize, most of all, that our hope and strength comes through Jesus.  Through faith, a desire to change our lives and baptism we begin our journey of living our lives with a goal of glorifying God and helping each other follow Jesus. 

 We invite you to join us on this  journey to be followers of Jesus as we seek to glorify God by encouraging, serving and sharing Jesus with others.